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Apr 25, 2022

In this episode, we're talking all things mystery with Sisters in Crime Chicago! Michelle Falkoff, Mia P. Manansala, and Jen Collins Moore all join us to discuss what makes a great whodunit.
Michelle Falkoff
Mia P. Manansala
Jen Collins...

Mar 28, 2022

In this episode, author Christie Tate discusses discovering non-fiction, writing groups, saying thank you in a query, going deeper with memoir, inoculation against shame, making boundaries after publishing, and sharing a risqué scene you wrote with your therapy group.
Christie Tate

Feb 28, 2022

In this episode, author Kathleen Rooney discusses writing in multiple genres, the start of Poems While You Wait, contemporary sources for historical fiction, finding the perspective of an animal character, outlining before writing, giving a manuscript time, breaking revision into manageable tasks, and big new...

Jan 31, 2022

Grab hold of your heat levels and check how open those doors are, because it's time for the Romance Roundtable with authors  Chandra Blumberg, Sonali Dev, Melonie Johnson, and Kate Meader, hosted by Jennifer Coffeen. We talk everything the publishing process to how many sex scenes a story might need.
Chandra Blumberg

Dec 27, 2021

For the last episode of 2021, Adam Morgan and Sara Cutaia talk about all things Chicago literature, past and present, plus, for some reason, You Got Mail.
Partial list of books and authors mentioned:
The Wrong Way to Save Your Life by Megan Steilstra
The Upstairs House by Julia Fine
Mitchell S. Jackson
Electric Arches...